Vets and Ladies play every Tuesday from 7.00am in Summer and 7.30am in Winter.

Chook Run : Sunday all day   Club open 10am-3pm

What's Coming Up?

Our Past Events

Stableford Raymond Terrace Bowling Club

28 May 2023

Men's 4BBB par : Men's 4BBB Qualifier : Helen O'Bryan Trophy

21 May 2023


14 May 2023

Stroke Monthly Mug Newcastle Golf Club

07 May 2023


30 April 2023


23 April 2023

Shot Gun starts 7am ( Lunch after you play) and 11.30am ( Lunch before you play)

Cost: $40 per head. All payments made on the day. Bookings essential

Entries Close on the 16th April. Email to :

Seafood Day

Stableford Raymond Terrace Bowling Club

22 April 2023

4BBB Russ's Fresh Bake

15 April 2023


08 April 2023